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Daily Summary

Last Year
High Temperature°F°F
Low Temperature°F°F
Mean Temperature°F°F
Rainfall in in
Average Relative Humidity%%
Average Wind Speed mph mph
Maximum Wind Gust mph mph
Total Solar Radiation kW m-2 kW m-2
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County, State: ,

Lat, Lon: ,

Elevation (m):

Period of Record: to

Height (ft):

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Averages - Selected Time Range

Std Deviation Last Year
Average High Temperature °F ±°F °F
Average Low Temperature °F ±°F °F
Mean Temperature °F ±°F °F
Total Rainfall in in
Total Heating Degree Days (Base 65)
Total Cooling Degree Days (Base 65)
Total Growing Degree Days (Base 50)
Average Daily Solar Radiation kW m-2 ± kW m-2 kW m-2

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