The Pennsylvania State Climatologist

Welcome to the Pennsylvania State Climatologist Home Page. The goal of the State Climatologist office is to provide the most accurate and complete climatological data available for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This data is presented in several different ways to allow the user maximum flexibility for searching our archives.

We here at the State Climatologist office hope that you find our page a useful resource tool. As this page is ever evolving, please make sure to visit periodically for new additions.

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Join a network of over 25,000 (and growing) citizen scientists across the country that take daily precipitation observations! You can fill out an application here and find more information on the network here.

Keystone Mesonet Data

There are now two separate dashboards to view weather networks across the state. The first page, the Keystone Mesonet, is a collection of many individual weather networks collected in one spot and displayed, along with historical data access. Click here to access the page.

The second page is a dashboard created for the Pennsylvania Environmental Monitoring Network (operated and maintained by PSU and the PA State Climate Office) - click here to access the imagery and data.

Climate Office Newsletter

Every month the Pennsylvania State Climate Office writes a monthly newsletter that summarizes the significant weather from the past month and predicts future trends. You can view the newsletter by subscribing.