Data Archive - Historical observations from FAA, COOP, CWOP, and DEP observing sites.

Current Airport Data - Current hourly and daily observations from select cities across Pennsylvania. Information on visibility, pressure, temperature, dew point, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, weather, and cloud cover.

Divisional/Statewide Data - Information on the geography and climatology of Pennsylvania. Also contains divisional climate data, degree day data, means & extremes, and other state-wide miscellaneous information.

Hourly Climatology - Hourly averaged values of temperature, dew point, pressure, and wind speed for select observing sites across Pennsylvania.

Day Summaries - Max/Min temperature and precipitation for a specified day over a range of years.

FROST - Information, training, and data from the FROST (Frost, Rain, Optics, Snow and Thunder) program.

PA County Snowfall Status - County snowfall map.

PA Radar, Satellite and Snow Depth Archive - Archive of radar, satellite, and snow depth images since February 19th, 2002.

City Information - Detailed information on select cities across Pennsylvania.

Data Network Information - Description of the data networks the Pennsylvania State Climatologist uses.

Events Database - Archive of multiple weather event types with significant societal and economic impacts.