Pennsylvania Climate Data

View and download data from the PA Climate Office

Data Archive

Historical observations from FAA, COOP, CWOP, and DEP observing sites.

Keystone Mesonet Data

Interactive webpage to view data from the Keystone Mesonet.

Daily Summary Maps

Archived maps of daily high temperature, low temperature, and precipitation.

Current Conditions Maps

Maps of conditions including temperature, dew point, and wind speed across Pennsylvania, underlayed with RTMA gridded analysis.

New PEMN Data Viewer

View and download recent data from PEMN sites.

Current Airport Data

Current hourly and daily observations from select cities across Pennsylvania. Information on visibility, pressure, temperature, dew point, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, weather, and cloud cover.

Divisional/Statewide Data

Information on the geography and climatology of Pennsylvania. Also contains divisional climate data, state records, degree day data, means & extremes, and other state-wide miscellaneous information.

Direct Links

Hourly Climatology

Hourly averaged values of temperature, dew point, pressure, and wind speed for select observing sites across Pennsylvania.

Day Summaries

Max/Min temperature and precipitation for a specified day over a range of years.

Data Network Information

Description of the data networks the Pennsylvania State Climatologist uses.


Information, training, and data from the FROST (Frost, Rain, Optics, Snow and Thunder) program.

PA County Snowfall

County snowfall map.

City Information

Detailed information on select cities across Pennsylvania.