Current Data Help
The left column gives you each city's station identifier. Just click on one to take you to that city's hourly observations for the current month. The middle column gives the city in which the station is located. The last column gives the location of the station with in the city.

Current Hourly Reports

NOTE: -99ºF in the data means the data is omitted or unavailable.

Time Column
The time is in GMT which means Greenwich Mean Time. This is the time in Greenwich England.  This does not account for daylight savings time so remember, in the winter you need to subtract 5 hours from GMT to get Eastern Standard Time, but in the summer only subtract 4 hours to get Eastern Daylight Savings. Note that this column is NOT in military time.

VIS Column
The visibility is in miles.

PRESS Column
Pressure is in millibars.

TMP, DEW, MX6, MN6 Columns
Temperature, dew point, max temperature in past 6hrs, and min temperature in past 6hrs are in degrees Fahrenheit.

RH Column
The relative humidity is a expressed as a percent since it is an expression of the current amount of moisture at a given pressure and temperature compared with a saturation value. The difference between the temperature and dewpoint is a measure of the relative humidity. The relative humidity is commonly at a maximum when the temperature is at a minimum (dawn) and at a minimum when the temperature is at a maximum (mid-afternoon). The relative humidity is relative to both the temperature and the amount of moisture in the air. When either or both change, so does the relative humidity.

DIR Column
This column represents the wind direction and the values are in degrees.  The directions are as follows: 0 or 360 = North; 90 = east; 180 = south; 270 = west.

SPE, GST Column
Wind speed and gusts are in knots.

24hRa Column
24 hour rainfall is in inches and is for the past 24 hours.

WEATHER Column Qualifier
Intensity or Proximity: - = Light "no sign" = Moderate + = Heavy

Vicinity (VC): but not at aerodrome; in U.S. METAR, between 5 and 10SM of the point(s) of observation; in U.S. TAF, 5 to 10SM from center of runway complex(elsewhere within 8000m).
DescriptorPrecipitation TypeObscurationOther
MI shallow         DZ Drizzle BR Mist(>= 5/8SM) SQ Squall
 FZ Freezing RA Rain FG Fog(< 5/8SM) SS Sandstorm
BC Patches SN Snow FU Smoke DS Dust Storm
PR Partial SG Snow grains VA Volcanic Ash PO Well developed dust/sand whirls
TS Thunderstorm IC Ice crystals SA Sand FC Funnel cloud
BL Blowing PL Ice pellets> HZ Haze +FC tornado/waterspout
Showers GR Hail PY Spray
DR Drifting GS Small hail/snow pellets DU Widespread dust
UP Unknown precipitation in automated observations


The dome of the sky is divided into eighths (octas), like a pie, to determine the percent of the sky covered by clouds.: CLR (In automated METAR reports only, no clouds detected below 12000 feet.); SKy Clear 0/8; FEW 1/8-2/8; SCaTtered 3/8-4/8; BroKeN 5/8-7/8; OVerCast 8/8; There is 3 digit number designated for the height of the cloud above ground level (AGL). These are expressed in hundreds of feet (ex. 300 would be 30,000). If present specific clouds are reported and followed by Towering CUmulus or CumulonimBus if present. For an observed sky: Vertical Visibility followed by vertical visibility in hundreds of feet into the obscuration, example: VV004. More than 1 layer may be reported.


PK WND 28045/15 (peak wind from 280 at 45kt at 15 past the hour) A01: Automated station that cannot tell the difference between rain and snow
A02: Automated station that can tell the difference between rain and snow
VIS 1V2 (visibility varying from 1SM to 2SM)
CB DSNT S (Cumulonimbus distant south)
GRB17E40 TSB15 TS OHD MOV E GR 3/4 (Hail began 17 past hour, ended 40 past hour. Thunderstorm began 15 past hour. Thunderstorm overhead moving east. Hail 3/4")
(Occasional lightning cloud to ground, in cloud, cloud to cloud)
OCNL: Occasional FRQ: Frequent CONS: Continuous
CG: Cloud-to-ground IC: In-cloud CC: Cloud-to-cloud
WSHFT 30 FROPA (Wind shift at 30 past the hour due to frontal passage)
TWR VIS 1 (Tower visibility 1 SM)
FG FEW000 (Fog obscuring one to two eighths of the sky)

EXAMPLE 1: A02 SNE21B53 SLP058 T10281039 A02 says the ASOS can distinguish between rain and snow. Snow ended at 21 past the hour and began again at 53 past the hour. Sea level pressure is 1005.8 mb. Detailed temperature of minus 2.8 Celsius and dewpoint of minus 3.9 Celsius.

A02 says the ASOS can distinguish between rain and snow. Rain began at 8 minutes past the hour and ended 18 minutes past the hour. Sea level pressure is 1009.5 mb. Cumulonimbus and showers to the distant north through northeast moving northeast. Detailed temperature of 10.0 Celsius and dewpoint of 2.8 Celsius.

Current Daily Data

Provides the daily maximum temperature, minimum temperature, average temperature, Heating & Cooling Degree Days, Growing Degree Days, Average Dewpoint, Average Relative Humidity, Average Wind Speed (knots), Average Wind Direction, Average Pressure (millibars), and the Total Precipitation (inches). All temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit. M means the data is missing for that particular day.
Current vs Climatology Graphs

Click the dot next to your city and submit for graphs comparing this month's maximum, minimum, and average Temps against the normal and record max, min and average.