2021 - 2022 Weather World Snowflake Contest
Want to be a meteorologist? Here's your chance! Guess on which date the first snow will cover the ground at select cities in Pennsylvania. The correct guess (or nearest to the correct date if no correct guesses are made) will be awarded a prize!

Contest Rules:

1. Winning guesses must be received at least 7 Days prior to snowfall event.
2. Winning submissions are based upon at least 1" of snowfall recorded at each observation site.
3. All guesses for all cities must be submitted by October 31st.
4. Only one guess for each individual city is allowed. Multiple guesses will result in disqualification.
5. Winners will be announced on Weather World once the flakes fly!

Prize Information:

1. Individuals who guess the correct date (or closest to the correct date) will receive an e-certificate.
2. The individual who guesses the correct date (or closest to the correct date) the earliest will receive a rustic snowflake ornament.

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